Can't We All Just Get Along?

"As long as people love each other, the truth they believe isn't important."

Some people, whether to avoid confrontation or to support some non-verifiable belief system, suggest that truth doesn't matter that much, just good feelings and good intentions. They suggest that if we could just love each other and "get along", there would be no need for absolute claims of religion, morality, or philosophy.

And, I suppose on the surface the logic seems sound.  After all, if people just shrugged their shoulders at truth, we wouldn't have religious wars happening, political problems, or even personal conflicts.  Utopia would be ours for the taking, where everybody is "right" no matter what!  Just love others, and don't harm your neighbor.

There is a fatal flaw here, however.  Who is to define what a "loving" action is? Upon what basis should we determine if an act is good or bad? If we ignore truth, we have no ability to know if we are doing something positive or negative, particularly when an action we take might hurt one in order to benefit another.

Truth is necessary in order for real love to fact, love is defined by truth. Without truth, no word, including the word 'love,' has a definition.


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