Open Mind + Absolute Truth?

There is nothing worse than trying to communicate with a person who is closed-minded. Each of us should be willing to learn and consider new concepts, so that we can grow in our understanding of what life is all about.

How to Have an Open Mind

--Value the truth more than your own pride. (Winston Churchill said: "I'd rather be right then consistent.")

--Be honest with the facts you have, and be honest about the fact that you don't have all the facts.

--Growth equals change. For you to grow in your understanding of truth, you'll have to change. If the first time you heard everything and thought over it, you ended up 100% correct, then change will be unnecessary for you. But if you share humanity with the other 7 billion of us, chances are you need to grow…and growth equals change.

--Remember that there are usually two sides to every story. "The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him." Prov. 18:17 NIV

--Never be afraid of the idea that you might be wrong. You probably are. Therefore, always be willing to consider a different point of view.

Guidelines for Open-Minded Discussion

--Understand the difference between core values, important beliefs, and personal preferences.

--Realize that you don't always have to voice your opinion. In fact, most of the time, you probably shouldn't!

--Keep in mind that in the battle of ideas, people are never the enemy.

--Develop a passion for learning, and never stop being teachable.

--Learn to ask scientific questions. (How do you know what you are saying is true? What are the implications if you are right? And if you are wrong? How does this view impact your view of human life? Of religion? What factors--books, experiences, people, logic--led you to believe this? Why did you come to this conclusion and not the alternative?)

--All of us are at different stages in our understanding and experience, so realize that you don't have to "win" every conversation. Just try to influence a person to the "next step"--and make sure you also are willing to take a next step, if necessary.

--Know that most people haven't thought through what they believe, and so the real task is getting people to think on their own, not just swallow your ideas because you are more persuasive than the next guy.


Personal Considerations

With a website and organization name like "Absolute Truth," most people assume that I am very narrow-minded and would not be interested in the views of others. But this is not the case.

Truth is a pursuit...truth is something we each must seek. This site has been developed to share what I have learned so far about truth, but in no way do I think I have all the answers.

I do base my lifestyle and understanding on the Bible, because, after much thinking and weighing of evidence, I came to the conclusion that the Bible's message is most worthy of my faith. That's my basis for thinking at this time.

My goal is to consider truth -- historically, scientifically, logically, theologically -- and arrive at conclusions that are consistent with reality. I don't think I've arrived in every area, but I hope I'm closer than I was yesterday. Thus, I remain open-minded to the possibility that I could be looking at things wrong, or have arranged the facts in the wrong order. I bet there are many facts I haven't come across that could modify or completely overhaul some of my conclusions.

It is my prayer that this site will challenge you and help you as you consider and pursue truth. My commitment to you is this: If I discover any information that casts doubt on something I have affirmed through, I will change it. We have changed, and are willing to change again and again, if needed. A couple of years ago a scientist wrote in and challenged us to rethink one argument we were using to prove that evolution was false. After some research, I realized that his critique was valid and that concept was removed from our site shortly thereafter. (and replaced with a better argument :-)

The goal is not to dogmatically, blindly throw out opinions to get people to agree with me --  goal is to know and experience the truth, because it has such a wide-ranging, eternal impact on human life. After all, when it comes to issues of purpose and eternity, we really can't afford to be wrong.


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