Whatever Works for You?

Imagine strolling through town summer evening, only to notice a house whose entire first floor is engulfed in flames. You then notice that up on the second floor, there are people in the window who don't seem to realize they are in trouble. You wave frantically and yell, "Get out of that house! It is on fire!"

They pop their head out the window, and, without even considering your claim, simply reply: "Whatever you want to believe is nice for you, but you shouldn't push your beliefs on other people We're happy the way we are."

How would you feel about that?

My goal at AbsoluteTruth.net isn't to force-feed religion or truth at anybody, or push my beliefs on people. I'm simply saying that there is absolute truth, and that if people (i.e. you, me, or anybody else) deny its implications, they could find themselves in serious trouble. If you choose not to believe the way I do, that's your decision --  I just hope that you would at least consider the possibility that I might be right (and I hope that I have the humility to consider that I have a lot to learn too).

And of course, if you feel I'm missing something, I'll be happy to consider your point of view as well.

P.S.  If the house is on fire, don't take too much time to make up your mind about it.  Be sure you've got satisfactory answers to life's ultimate questions: where did I come from?  why am I here?  where am I going?


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