Who Gave You the Right?

"Who gave you the right to determine absolute truth for everybody else?"


I'm not dictating truth to everyone else - to anyone else - or even to myself.  I'm relying on my "ultimate authority" (the Bible) to dictate truth and the answers to life's ultimate questions. I'm heralding that message, although at the same time, I do maintain an open mind to consider new or different ideas.

The only One who would theoretically have the "right" to determine truth for anyone else would be the Creator. Since I believe the Bible to be the most accurate document regarding the Creator -- in fact, His own Word -- I offer His message...not my own.

Before you write me off as a rank lunatic, scroll through the category listings for "Absolute Truth" and "Bible Basics."  I'm doing my best to base my assumptions and conclusions on solid logic, rational faith, and real evidence.


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