4 Reasons to Teach Intelligent Design

Reason #1 FREEDOM

Public education in America is not about indoctrinating people with a particular religious or naturalistic belief.  It is about the free-flow of valuable information and preparing people to be productive, thinking citizens. For too long those who put faith in naturalism have dominated academia and forced their extreme views on the public mind.

These "preachers of naturalism" have censored out the scientific evidence that disagrees with their presuppositions. (In large part, they have succeeded in their censorship by falsely crying "religion!" at anything that doesn't support Darwinism.)

Academic freedom is a right that should be enjoyed by every student in U.S. schools. Should they not be afforded the opportunity to follow the evidence wherever it leads?  In a communist nation such as China, it is expected (and tragic) that  differing views are censored out of the curriculum, or mocked outright.  But in the United States, should we not be an example of tolerance and the free discussion?


America was founded on the premise that an intelligent designer (Creator) had laws that were above the laws and opinions of men. The familiar words of our own Declaration of Independence make this fact unmistakably clear: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights..." The very freedom we exercise every day in this country is due in large part to the presupposition of an Intelligent Designer who gives each person rights. Should not the most foundational principle of American government, and freedom itself, be allowed in our schools?  Or one day, will America itself be censored from American schools?


Every scientist must admit that there is evidence that seemingly contradicts Darwinian evolution. Students deserve to be told the truth about both sides of this important debate and encouraged to think for themselves.

Intelligent design proponents are not asking that evolution be dropped from the curriculum (as is also falsely preached by the censors).  Rather, it is being requested that the freedom to think be granted to students. Whether evidence arises to challenge Darwin or support him, science teachers should have the freedom to discuss that evidence without fear of losing their jobs. Currently, they are handcuffed by the zealots of Darwinism and silenced by the gag of political correctness. Public education should not be used as a tool to defend a faith-based philosophy (like evolution-onlyism).   

Science is about knowledge, not about faith. Honest science uses empirical study to develop theories that can be tested and refined over time.  As more evidence arises, theories are adjusted and conclusions are reconsidered.  Shall we halt the gathering of evidence now, in the whole arena of ancient history?  Shall we assume that our theories are so well-conceived that no new information could arise to challenge their accuracy?  It is an arrogant brand of science that refuses further evidence, and it is a cowardly one that refuses debate.

Should we censor that evidence so that evolution is the only option left, or should it be presented in a balanced way? Students deserve the freedom to evaluate the evidence, critically analyze the theories, and make their own educated (instead of indoctrinated) decisions.


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