About AbsoluteTruth.Net

What is this website for?

My site is designed to challenge people to think about their purpose in life, the existence of absolute truth, the practical aspects of the Bible, and more. I get plenty of feedback from across the spectrum: new believers in God seeking to know more about faith, skeptics looking for debate, students researching for projects, and just plain surfers looking for something meaningful to browse.

Who is Daniel W. Jarvis?

I guess I'd describe myself as an average guy - a bit heavier than I should be (but working on it), a fan of action movies, and a willing participant in most outdoor sporting events and in anything related to eating Mexican food.   I consider myself reasonably competent in the world of video gaming, blogging and networking, although my wife keeps me grounded in reality by pulling me away from the screen to do dishes, watch kids, and other such three-dimensional, live-animation, enviro-dynamic activity.  I enjoy writing, and have done work on political/news topics, religion and philosophy, and even a little sales here and there. I get most of my inspriation from life itself - just seeing the way the world works, interacting with people, and creatively communicating the Bible's solutions to everyday problems.  I've written for some magazines and newspapers (where possible, I've added my publisted articles to this site as well).  You can learn more about the other stuff I do with my life (besides AT) here.

Why are you doing this?

My life has been completely changed (in a good way) by the message in the Bible. However, as I've talked about it with others, I've realized that many people never give the Bible a chance. I suppose it could have to do with negative stereotypes we have about Christians or church or whatever. Some people are really interested in spirituality, they just don't know where to turn. So, in 1999, AbsoluteTruth.Net was born to help people find and explore "truth" according to the Bible. I've tried to present things in an honest, open-minded, plain language sort of way.

Absolute Truth? Isn't that name a little arrogant?

Some say it is. Hey, it was a cool domain that was available. And besides, I'm not claiming to be the source of truth at all, absolute or otherwise. I'm suggesting that the Bible is from God, and that God's Word is absolutely true. Thus, while you'll find a discussion on the existence of truth on this website, you'll also find plenty of Bible-based information regarding all different aspects of life, science, history, and daily decision-making. If you're interested in some of the reasons why I've come to the conclusion that the Bible is true, check out the "absolute truth" and "Bible basics" categories.


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