Atomic Purpose?

Trillions of particles are engaged in an infinite tug-of-war, tapping into powers far beyond comprehension, just to hold one person together. Like swirling galaxies angrily interacting with countless others, these building blocks are everywhere-actually, they are everything. Atoms make up rocks, trees, animals, cars, buildings, Coca-Cola- even the air we breathe.

If sad memories of failed high school science tests have stolen your enthusiasm for atomic particles, perhaps a quick refresher course would arouse interest-and potentially reveal the reason for human life. Atoms consist of electrons, protons, and neutrons, and are held together by complex interactions between four "forces". The first two, gravity and electromagnetism, are well understood by scientists, but the remaining two forces are shrouded in mystery. Physicists are baffled by this question, and all that can be known is that the "weak" power seems to have function in the decay of particles, while the "strong" force is necessary to hold the whole system together.

Without the presence of this "strong" power, everything - phones, wallets, brain cells, water vapor, dust, and car tires - would immediately dissipate into random nothingness. The center of an atom is its nucleus, and this is made up of densely packed "positive" protons. These should violently dart away from one another, like two magnets of the same charge. But something holds them together...binding them securely at the center of whirling electrons.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the "force" continues to hold all things together. While modern science can give us no definitive explanation, the Bible, a book written centuries before the discovery of atomic particles, may contain the answer.

"All things were created by Him and for Him," the apostle writes, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together." The "strong" force may be the very last thing that many of today's scientists would ever consider--it could be the sustaining hand of God.

The implications of this possibility are profound indeed-for if it is God holding each of us together-choosing to extend our existence moment by moment-He must have some purpose for doing so.

Question: Are you fulfilling God's purpose for your life?


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