An Everlasting Education

We'll spend thousands of dollars for an earthly education, so why not
spend some time on an eternal education--learning things that will
matter in the long, long run?


"Your word, O Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens" (Psalm 119:89).

The truths contained in the Bible are everlasting truths. The things you'll discover about God will help you not just twenty years from now, but twenty-thousand
years from now. Of all the learning in all the world, the Bible is the
best investment of your time, your mind, and your energy.

How can I learn more about the Bible?

1. Begin reading a small portion every day.
There's no need to
tackle huge sections at once -- that's not a good way to learn. Read a
few verses and consider their meaning. Ask questions like: "What does
this mean? How can I obey this verse? What does this teach me about
God?" Good books of the Bible to begin with: John, James.

2. Join a small group Bible study.
Most churches have in-home small
groups meeting throughout the week, or some type of Sunday school class
or Bible education program. Get involved. These types of things will
help keep you accountable so that you consistently learn more about the

3. Buy some Christian books to help you learn. There have been many great books written about Biblical topics to help people learn about God.

4. Pray and ask God to increase your understanding.
The Bible is a
supernatural book. God wants you to know Him better, and if you ask, He
can help you understand His truth as you study it.

5. Keep a notebook. It doesn't have to be a college-level
exercise; just jot down the things God teaches you, ideas you find in
the Bible, etc. This will help you remember the things you learn, and
is a great way to track your progress.


Here are some book recommendations for your "everlasting education" plan:

- The Bible, New Living Translation or New International Version.

- The Purpose-Driven Life (Rick Warren)

- The Life You've Always Wanted (John Ortberg)

- How to Study the Bible for Yourself (Tim LaHaye)

- Basic Christianity (John Stott)

- What the Bible is All About (Henrietta Mears)


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