Free Learning Tools

Learning about the Bible's message is one of the most enriching, exciting activities I have enjoyed, yet, I find that many people don't know where or how to begin.

That's why I've developed the following learning tools, and offer them as free downloads here.

What It Means to Follow Jesus
8-page newsletter style presentation of the core teachings of Christ, what He claims, and what He asks us to do in response.  (File Size: 311k)

Real Faith
A small workbook that introduces students to the Bible and guides them on a study of the most important themes.  Great for doing individually or in a group setting.  (File Size: 309k)

Real Life
This workbook is designed as a next step for those who enjoyed "Real Faith."  It guides the student in a Bible study of the lifestyle changes required of those who embrace Christianity.  (File size: 294k)

Keys to Sin Free Living
This set of worksheets is a Bible study outline that teaches ten principles that can help you overcome temptation and live according to God's standard of morality.  (File size: 43k)

Can I Be Forgiven?
A short, creative piece that explores Christ's forgiveness of the thief on the cross.  Includes the real life story of a federal inmate. (File size: 281k)

How to Raise Your Parents
A humorous resource for teenagers about dealing with parents and the perils of home life. (File
size: 207k)


I also have a number of resources available for download in Spanish, here.


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