Joining God's Campaign

E.M. Bounds wrote in his book Power Through
that, "All [God's] mighty forces could come down on the
hopeless, savage wilderness and transform it into a blooming and
fruitful garden; for nothing is too hard for God to do if He can get
the right kind of man to do it."

God is in the business of restoration -- remaking a world that has been
overrun by sin into a kingdom so glorious that it rivals his original
"very good" creation (Genesis 1). In other words, God is restoring,
revitalizing, and renewing His purposes on earth, even now.

As we learn from the Word of God, we have been commissioned as His divine "ambassadors" to the world, to join His campaign of change across the planet. He doesn't expect us to accomplish such grand purposes on our own, instead, he gives us the power to do mighty, daring, and eternal things.

As E.M. Bounds explains, God is able to do the most impossible miracles, transform the most hopeless circumstances, renew and revive even that which has been long dead. God can do it today -- He needs only one thing -- "the right kind of man to do it."

Could you be that person?

To Read: 2 Corinthians 5:17-20

Challenge: What would need to change about your life for you to become the "right kind" of person for God to use in His campaign to renew and revive the world?


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