Life on Mars? A Bible-Based Perspective

What would it mean to the Christian faith if NASA's Spirit and Opportunity rovers discover evidence of life on Mars? What if they (or other future missions) offer proof for the many water-and-warmth theories of Martian history?

Some considerations :

1. Life on other planets is not mentioned, nor is it denied, in the
Bible. There is no Biblical reason to assume life may not have existed
on Mars.

2. There is of course no limit to the abilities of God to create
life wherever He chooses. Judging from the endless array of creative
life forms on earth, we conclude that God enjoys creating life, and
thus it would not be inconsistent with His character to have made life
in other places.

3. Life on other planets would not lend any more credibility to
faith-based evolutionary theories or postulates. In fact, statistically
speaking, the chances of life evolving here are unfathomably slight;
thus finding life in another world would make belief in evolution even
more absurd.

4. The rovers are said to be on a quest to unlock the planet's
geologic past, supposedly stretching back billions of years. This
old-age assumption is based on faith in a philosophical/religious
framework, not on testable scientific facts. Even the most popular
dating methods are founded on assumptions, not evidence. So, while we
take great interest in the findings of the rovers, we recognize that
the “age” attached by scientists to the specimens examined is up for
debate, and is based on the religious beliefs of the scientist
controlling the experiments.

5. The chances of discovering a form of intelligent, self-conscious
life on another planet are extremely remote, in that the Bible seems to
indicate that mankind occupies the center of God's plan for creation
(Genesis 1). This of course does not totally rule out the possibility
that God could have made such life elsewhere.

Our thirst for exploration and discovery has led us to deploy some
of the most sophisticated technologies ever conceived — and these
doubtless can bring much glory to our Creator.

As a father takes pride in the achievements of his son, God is
honored by our progress and innovation. In the midst of great advances,
however, let us make sure we continue to give honor where it is due —
for God not only gave us life, He gave us the ability to explore these
vast wonders; marvels of creative genius that until now, have remained

Challenge: Do I honor the Creator by taking interest in the study of
His creation? Is He glorified by the way I interact with the world, and
people, He has made?

Meditation: Psalm 8


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