Will I Be Condemned?

None of us enjoys talking about the judgment of God. Yet the Bible is clear: it is coming. There will be a day of judgment — a day when true justice will be meted out to every human being.

The Bible predicts that the vast majority of people will face condemnation from God, for “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Having rejected God's only solution to their sin problem (Jesus Christ), this multitude will stand naked before their Maker with no hope of rescue.

What does it mean to be condemned?

1. To be strongly disapproved of. When our Creator looks at us, He strongly disapproves, or condemns, our sins — our lying, lust, hate, greed, self-righteousness, and pride. To face the “strong disapproval” of the all-powerful God is a fearful thought.

2. To be found guilty and sentenced. The people sitting on death row have been condemned by human justice — they have been found guilty and are merely waiting to take the “walk.” Similarly, people who fail to put God first in their lives — those who disobey Him — also find themselves on a sort of “death row,” waiting until they stand before the Creator Himself to answer for their rebellion. The Bible teaches that humanity as a whole has already been found guilty and is under the sentence of death and eternal judgment from God (John 3:18).

3. To be declared “unfit for use.”
Have you ever seen a condemned building? Whether the roof is unstable or the floors are about to cave, an official from the government has declared that the building is unfit for habitation. Human beings were designed, originally, to love and worship God, and in a sense, to be a “temple” unto Him — but the warped walls and crumbling foundations of the human soul have made us “uninhabitable” — declared unfit for God's use and purpose.

Challenge: Thankfully, God is willing to reverse this terrible condemnation. We can be declared “right,” we can be forgiven, we find approval in His sight, and we can be restored to our life's purpose! These wonderful gifts have been made available through Jesus Christ — are you taking Him seriously?

To Read: Romans 3:10-25


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