#1 Nothing Before Me

What do you love? Sports, fishing, family, pizza? Of all the things you care about, what's at the top of your list?

Those of us familiar with the Bible know that the "right" answer should
be God, but let me make it more personal for you -- do you love God
more than anything else in life, and do you show it by the way you use
your money, time, and energy?

Just because someone says they love God doesn't mean they do -- love always must be proven by actions. Perhaps the more appropriate question would be, "Do you demonstrate daily that you love God by talking about Him, praying to Him, learning about Him, and obeying Him?"

The first of the 10 Commandments is simply this: "You shall have no other gods before Me." God doesn't want to play second-fiddle to anyone or anything, and rightfully so. He's the Creator, and He deserves our devotion. To allow something to occupy a "higher" place in our hearts is not only disrespect to God, it is a violation of His first commandment.

It's easy for any of us, whether we have been a long-time believer in the Bible or have just gotten interested in spiritual things, to get carried away with the stuff of this life, and to forget or ignore the most important thing: God.

Practice the Commandment: If you wanted to show someone that they mattered to you, what would you do? Instead of just telling God He's number one, think of a way you could demonstrate it to Him this week. Perhaps you could set aside time to read the Bible, help the needy, share a Bible story with your children, write down a list of reasons you're thankful to God, or go to church to worship this Sunday. And remember, God isn't impressed with empty actions -- He wants your heart.


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