#2 Worship God Only

There are plenty of things to worship these days, in fact, there always have been. In history, we find evidence of moon-worship, sun-worship, animal-worship, earth-worship, king-worship, and just about anything in between. Even more, those who do worship the Creator God often try to mold him into something tangible - to forge His image into some earthly form.  The second of the Ten Commandments is a strong warning against this: "Do not make for yourselves any graven image."

First, we aren't supposed to bow before earthly representations of
spiritual or heavenly beings. God alone deserves our worship. The Bible
explains how some cultures forsake the worship of God and instead honor
only the things He made: "They exchanged the truth of God for a lie,
and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator"
(Romans 1:25).

Second, we aren't supposed to make pictures or statues that represent
God to us, as objects of worship. Any attempt to "picture" God doesn't
do Him justice. He is so far above anything we could create that it is
downright disrespectful to try and "package" Him in the form of an idol
or icon.

Third, we must worship God alone. Most of us are sophisticated enough
to know that bowing down to a tree or a shrine isn't going to give us
divine power or answers to prayer. However, it's still possible to
become an "idolater" by worshiping money, pleasure, pride, or any
number of other things that can "replace" God in our hearts.

Practice the Commandment: Do you have any "idols" set up in your mind
-- things that you value more than God? Get rid of them this week.
"Worship" has to do with what you value, not just what you sing about
in church. Make a conscious effort this week to "value" God -- care
about His opinions, His plans, and His goals for your life.


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