#3 Don't Dis God

Words have meaning. The way you use certain words indicates what you
feel and believe deep inside, and the way you treat the name of God
indicates the level of respect you have for Him.

Many people have made a habit of using God's name as a curse word: they
might swear aloud in anger or surprise, and instead of a 4-letter filth
word, we hear "Jesus" or "God...". Others use the phrase "Oh my God!"
in virtually every conversation throughout the day.

Consider the third of the Ten Commandments: "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name."

How do people break this rule?

1. Meaningless repetition. If you are talking about God, talk about Him meaningfully and respectfully. If you aren't talking about God, don't throw His name around as a "filler" word.

2. Angry swearing. As already mentioned, some people use God's name as a way to curse. Obviously, this is inappropriate.

3. Invoking God's name for things God doesn't approve of.
If someone claims to be "from God" but is not following His Word, the Bible, they are misusing His name. If a person is using the Bible to justify something that is clearly wrong, they too are misusing God's good name.

4.  Empty worship. Some churchgoers sing and pray the name of God scores of times every weekend, yet their hearts are far from Him.

Instead of "dis-ing" God, perhaps we need to check our hearts and change our words. Do we really love God? Do we value Him? Do we respect Him enough to treat His name in a special way?

Practice the Commandment: Copy Philippians 2:9-11 from the Bible and read over it every day this week. Instead of misusing God's name, think of ways you can talk about God the right way: sharing hope with a friend, encouraging a family member, or just thanking God for all He does for you.


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