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Linda Gerace

I appreciate your website and what you are doing to spread the gospel.

I have a question, though... my Bible says "... the SEVENTH day is THE sabbath of the Lord thy God..." Not just any day, the seventh day (Saturday) is not just any sabbath day, but it is THE sabbath day on which we are supposed to rest, and the command points back to the creation of our earth as evidence... (Ex. 20:11)... "for in 6 days the Lord created... and rested on the seventh day, wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." God didn't bless and make holy just any day. He blessed and made holy the SEVENTH day which is the day on which He rested after creating the heaven and earth. Saturday is not the Jewish Sabbath; it's God's Sabbath since the creation of our earth.

So many people fail to see that the seventh-day(Saturday)Sabbath was not instituted in the book of Exodus on Mount Sinai for the Jews; rather it was instituted during Creation week in Genesis 2 for ALL mankind.

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