#4 Take a Break

God designed you for a special purpose, made you to love and follow Him, and has given you life itself. As our Creator, wouldn't you say He has the right to ask us for, well, just about anything He wants?

The fourth commandment says: "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God."

God wants us to set aside one day out of seven for a special purpose: to rest!
It's strange that God would need to make this a "commandment" (you'd
think we'd be excited about it!). But ask yourself: Do you have a day
of real rest and spiritual focus?

What should I do on the Sabbath?

Jesus taught that God gave the Sabbath for our benefit. It's not just
an arbitrary rule we have to follow, it's a blessing from God to help
us accomplish our purpose in life, and to maximize the joy we have each
week. Many people make a habit of going to church every Sunday, then
using the rest of the day for physical rest, family time, Bible
reading, spending restful time in nature, and helping other people.
This is a good pattern to follow.

God has asked us to dedicate one day out of seven for His use -- He
wants us to take a break from our usual routine so that we can rest,
worship, and consider the things that matter most.

Practice the Commandment: This Sunday, instead of allowing it to become
just as busy a day as all the others, purposely take a break from
everything you would usually do. Rest, pray, worship, and enjoy
following the fourth commandment!

What if your job requires you on Sunday?

I think that you need to work out your employment details with God, but
I can say this: whatever your schedule, you need to begin honoring the
Sabbath principle by dedicating one day in seven to God; meaning that
one day in seven you do not work.  I hope at some point to research out
this concept further.  Until then, consider the promises God made to
His people in Isaiah 58:13-14, and ask yourself if the same could be
true in your own life.


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