#5 Honoring Mom & Dad

The first four of the Ten Commandments all speak about our relationship
to God, the rest of them deal with our relationship toward other
people, and they hit very close to home.

"Honor your father and mother." 
What does it mean to "honor"?

When you honor something, you lift it above the rest. You treat it as valuable and important. In the same way, when we honor a person, like Mom or Dad, we "lift them up" -- we honor them by the way we talk about them, respond to them, and listen to them.

This commandment doesn't become void after age 18, either. All us must learn to give proper honor to our parents, and to any other authorities and influences God has placed over us.

Notice that the fifth commandment doesn't say to "honor your parents if they deserve it." Even if they haven't earned your respect or trust, you still must give them the honor that God commands. (I know, I know, that may seem impossible in some situations.  But remember, it doesn't say you have to like your parents or agree with them -- just that you have to honor them.  Choose to value them, even if you don't feel like it, and God will bless you.)

Practice the Commandment: Begin by changing your attitude toward your parents - even if they are imperfect, try to think of all the things they have done for you. Let them know that you appreciate them. Tell your children how much your parents meant to you. Genuinely listen to their advice, and be ready to help them however you can, even if it isn't convenient.


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