The God Who Is There

In the Old Testament, the Hebrews had many different names for God—each based on a particular facet of His character or power. One such name was “Jehovah-Shammah,” or, God who is there.

But was God really there? Is He still here today? Imagine interviewing the following Bible characters at the end of their lives, asking them just one simple question: “Was God 'there' in your life?”

ADAM: “Was God there? Absolutely he was. When He first made me, we were
so happy together. I could walk with Him in the cool of the day,
talking with Him and reporting to Him about how things were going on
earth. He gave me a woman to love, and we planned on starting a family
in the Garden, when…well, that's when I blew it. But God was still
there. In fact, He came walking, just as He always did, and asked me
why I was hiding. God was there all along…after all, I was the one who
ran away, not Him.”

ENOCH: “Wow, I'd have to say yes, God was always there for me. Why,
that's pretty much all I have to say about my life. I walk with God and
have faith in Him...of course he is “there.” He is every—” (interview
was terminated due to Enoch's sudden disappearance).

ABRAHAM: “Without a doubt, God was there. He's been there every step of
the way for me, even though I've failed Him many times. From the day He
promised to bless me, my life has been changed by the power of His
presence. He was there to guide me to the land He promised my
descendants…He was there to give me victory in battle…He was there to
help me increase my flocks and herds…He was there to provide a
substitute sacrifice on the mountain. God is, and has always been
‘there.' We must simply trust Him.”

JOESPH: “For a good portion of my life, I doubted that God was really
there. I was faithful to serve Him, even when everything was going
wrong. It seemed that He didn't know—or didn't care enough to help. But
everything became clear the day I was pulled out of the dungeon and put
in charge of the land of Egypt…in order to save millions of lives,
including those of my family. I know now that for those lonely days in
the prison cell, the mindless labor as a slave, and even that fearful
night I sat in a dry well waiting to be sold into slavery…God was

JOSHUA: “If you could have seen how we were handed victory after
victory, even though we weren't doing much fighting…you would agree too
that God was there. As long as we Israelites remained faithful to His
covenant with us, He would be there…guiding us by day and night, and,
after we entered the promised land, giving us victory on every side. We
truly can be strong and courageous, because Jehovah-Shammah is with us
wherever we go!”

Challenge: Do I have a daily awareness of God's presence in my life? Do
I act and speak as one who is in the presence of Jehovah-Shammah?


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