Life-Changing Truth

Jesus' clear, authoritative, and powerful messages cut to the heart of
reality…amazing the crowds and infuriating his adversaries. On one
occasion, the Gospel of Luke records an incident where certain teachers
of the law asked why Jesus would befriend “sinners” and
“tax-collectors.” The reply of Christ pierced the heart of those
teachers who had shirked their responsibility to care for such people:
“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come
to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

The teachers of the law had tricked themselves, probably with their high-and-mighty philosophy and great learning, into believing that they needed no “doctor,” and that the sick should be left alone. These teachers, like many today, simply don't accept the reality that here is a real problem in our world; a world dotted with memorials to those who have tragically died in murderous rampages or terrorist bombings; a world full of suffering, crime, hate, and abuse. It is time we sought an answer; no more cover-ups, no more excuses; just the absolute truth . Perhaps you've experienced the pain of evil in your own family, or in your neighborhood, or even in your own life.

There are real answers for this world of questions.
“Why are things the way they are?” “Why are humans even here to begin with?” “Why does nothing seem to stop suffering?” “How can people do such evil things to one another?” and most importantly, “What should we do about it?”

It may be interesting to read the lengthy pontifications of scholars who claim to have solved the philosophical “problem of evil”…but that doesn't help the fact that my friend is considering suicide, or that my church doesn't seem to have any spiritual power, or that my marriage is not headed the right direction. It doesn't help stop the child abuse, the drug addiction, or the violence. We need more than a good theory.

Absolute truth is intensely practical and vividly real. It can impact every part of our lives—and it can satisfy the deepest questions of our heart. It can give us an accurate picture of who we are and what we need to become. It can give us hope for the future, courage in the present, and understanding of the past. If we believe and live such truth, this world can change for the better.

Challenge: Begin to study God's absolute truth by reading His Word, the Bible, every day.  For helpful workbooks to get started, click here.


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