More Than a Story

I was recently impressed by a Christian song that simply admits to God:
“You're everything to me, more than a story, more than words on a page
of history.”

I often finding myself asking questions like: How could I actually say that Jesus, someone I've never physically met, is
“everything to me?”  I mean, at one level faith in His ideals or what He represents could make sense - but faith to this extent? 

What would possess me to not only believe in Him, but pledge Him my life, my allegiance, and my future? What separates the life of Jesus from, say, the life of Mohammed or Buddha? Or George Washington?

At the end of my search, I always must return to what I believe to be the single greatest defining factor: power. The power Jesus demonstrated during His time on earth was unlike any other power ever displayed - it was ultimate strength mixed with super-human love. The power He exercises in people's lives today is just as astounding, and, I might add, He has displayed some of it in my own life as well.

When I read about George Washington, or soak in some nuggets of wisdom from Buddha, or hear stories of Mohammed crusading against his enemies, I may be impressed or even challenged, but I am not transformed. The story of Jesus transforms the hearers (those who actually apply it to their lives) — it makes them new people, it implants in them new desires, it sets them on a whole new pathway for life.

Perhaps the power of His story can only be fully known by personal experience. I know that for me, He truly is more than a story. He's more than words on a page of history. He is my Lord, my ever-present Help, my Joy, and the One who gave me a new life.  I recognize that to skeptics this probably sounds crazy, and it might be. 

Why not judge for yourself, by reading the story and teachings of Jesus?

Get a hold of an easy-reading translation of the Bible (like the "New Living Translation" or the "New International Version") and begin reading in the Gospel of Matthew.   


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