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Casey Van Tieghem

After hours and hours of research on this topic, I'm coming close to a conclusion that the only reason evolution is still even considered as a theory today is because there is no other naturalistic explanation for the origin of life. What that means is that if life is created, science will never admit that, because rightfully so, science is based on natural laws. But it seems many creationists try to use science to dis-prove evolution. I think that creation science is valid, but it's not getting the clear message out that there are some things that science cannot explain. So what I'm trying to do is come up with a list of problems that science agrees with about evolution, then show how naturalism cannot answer the question of origins. If your philosophy is that there is no God, then creation science can disprove evolution. If you believe in theistic evolution, you need to understand the problems with evolution that show that evolution is at a logical dead end, because naturalism cannot explain it.
Does this make sense?

Daniel Jarvis

Sure Casey that approach is sensible. One of the problems that both intelligent design scientists and creationists face is that secular science seeks to define God out of its reach - thus eliminating their responsibility to report on evidence they find for a Designer. For example,you might hear a scientist say that they don't oppose religion, but that the supernatural is outside the realm of science - ergo, they can't comment on it. That leaves them to look ONLY at evidence pointing to a NATURALISTIC beginning to life. Is a clever trick, to define-out the possibility of discussing a potential creator. Evolution, insane as it is, remains the only option left. Even if its wrong, they'd never know it - since they've put blinders on to any non-naturalistic explanation for life.

Clayton Hudiburg

I agree that science leaves-out certain explanations. I do not agree that they leave-out evidence.

The divergence occurs at the inferences drawn from the same pieces of evidence. One person might say that the bacterial flagellum is irreducibly complex, therefore it must have been designed. Another person looks at the same evidence ans sees a puzzle or an unknown and seeks naturalistic explanations. There is no censoring of evidence. We all have the same evidence. It really comes down to a personal philosophy for how we seek truth. Science is limited in this regard to the latter philosophy.

Science cannot explain everything (at least not yet). But it is very good at doing things within its "narrow scope" of purpose. We should teach kids that "science" is an objective means to solve problems and understand the way the world works. But matters of the heart, morality, faith etc. are beyond the scope and purpose of science. It does not make them any less real, just a different way of seeking truth.

If we can avoid teachers who promote ontological materialism, then there should be able to be rid of all controversy surrounding evolution as a scientific (not necessarily holistic) explanation for the diversity of life.

Please understand that God is outside the realm of science. It is true that scientists define-out God, but it is necessary for objectivity.

I heartily disagree that they only look at evidence that points to a naturalistic origin. Again, evidence is not ignore or left-out. It is easy to look up all of the "intelligent design" evidence on scientific websites. The difference you will find is the types of conclusions drawn from the same evidence.

Clayton Hudiburg

Sorry about the typos. I really should proof read more:)

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