Way Beyond Grace

Do you ever try to pray, but don't know what to say to God? Do you ever
feel guilty that you can't think of more things to pray about?

I've been challenged to go beyond grace at meals. Beyond daily prayer rituals. Beyond what the “church crowd” might expect. There is so much more to a relationship with God. A whole universe more, in fact.

When you love a person, you want to do everything with them. You point out things of interest, just to make them smile. You include them in every detail of your life. You tell them about your day, your feelings, your desires. You pitch them your ideas, vent your frustrations, or just sit in silence with them to admire a spectacular sunset or a dazzling display of stars.

God wants to enter our lives at that level — love, not ritual. He wants us to trust Him enough to give Him all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He wants us to point out the beautiful sparkles on the water or the captivating scent of flowers in the spring. He wants us to share our needs, concerns, and the things that matter to us. Sometimes He just wants us to be silent in His presence, for no other reason than to be with Him .

At least, that's how I'm learning to interact with my Creator. Way beyond grace.

“That sounds great, Dan. But how?” Here are some ideas:

1. Cultivate your sense of God's presence.
God is always with you, and it is easy to forget or ignore that fact. Try to remain consciously aware of Him.

2. Start a list of reasons why you love God, and add two or three reasons daily. If you're like me, you'll find that the list never needs to end!

3. Slow down for a moment. Take little minute long rests throughout your day to reflect on God. Gaze at His creation. Consider His blessings or His love. Read a verse of the Bible Turn off the radio and just sing a song to the Lord, or pray aloud to Him.

4. Ask a Christian friend why they love God, and how they came to know Him. Practicing praising the Lord for how He works in people's lives.

5. Pray a Psalm. The book of Psalms in the Bible is all prayers — so look at one of them, and pray it back to the Lord in your own words. Use it as a “conversation guide.”

Meditation: Psalm 84:2-3


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