Get Married, Stay Married

There are a lot of "gloom and doom" statistics out there about marriages and families.  And granted, there are some real problems.  But there is another side to the statistics - some good news that should encourage you to get married if you're not, and stay married if you are - even if times are tough.  A few statistics I've found from around the net:


were more than twice as many marriages as there were divorces in the first few
years of the 21st Century.  Source:

to a popular urban legend among Christians that states half of marriages end in
divorce, research indicates that only 34% of people who have been married have
ever been divorced (as of 2001).  While this is still a serious figure, it
does give hope: through all the struggles, trials, in-laws, parenting issues,
disagreements, financial questions, illnesses and heartaches of life, most
people who get married stay married “’til death do us part.”  Source:

who worship regularly at an evangelical (Bible-centered) church have 35% fewer divorces than do
non-religious or nominally-religious couples. 

couples who weekly attend an evangelical church, 73% report being “very happy”
in their marriage relationship, as compared to just 52% of non-church goers.

who are unhappy but stay married are more likely to be happy five years later
than those who divorce.  77 percent of those giving their marriage a very
unhappy “one” (on a 1 to 10 scale) rated their marriage as a “seven” after five
years of sticking together. This means, in effect, that most divorces need not
occur, and that those who “make it work” through unhappy times end up living
more joyful, fulfilling lives.
   Source: Linda Waite and Maggie
Gallagher, The Case for Marriage (New York: Doubleday, 2000), p. 148.


Dave M said...

Amen! It's about time someone points out the good news. When I mention I'm getting married it seems that a lot of people like to say, "Good luck with that" or "I hope that works out well for you"... Those comments feel loaded with negativity. How about a simple, "Congratulations! That's great!"

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