Forbidden Fruit = Death?

Most of us are familiar with the story of “original
sin.”  Adam and Eve in the perfect Garden
of Eden…the serpent-tempter shows up…Eve caves to the temptation and eats a
piece of fruit…then, bammo!  Condemnation
to eternal death!

Sounds a little harsh, doesn’t it? 

What would make Adam and Eve’s rule-breaking so egregious
that it warranted capital punishment, not only for them, but for all their

1.  Eating from the
tree was direct disobedience to God.
fact is, they did break a law; a law to which a specific consequence (death)
was tied.  Their disobedience was
intentional, deliberate, calculated, and unquestionable.  They had trespassed on property God had
reserved for himself.

2.  Eating from the
tree was done for self-gratification and self-exaltation.
When the tempter
promised in Genesis 3 that “you can be like God, knowing good from evil,” Satan
was beguiling Eve in the same way he himself was deceived.  He was saying, “Go ahead Eve, make your own decisions.  Why live according to the Creator’s rules,
when you can make your own?  You can be
your own god!”

3.  Eating from the
tree represented a breech of their covenant with God.
  God had appointed them as the managers of
creation, yet they broke the trust.  They
used their decision-making power to turn away from the Creator.  Death was a necessary consequence because it
prevented creation from being completely and eternally overrun by evil.  Satan knew that if he could pollute humanity
with rebellion, his goal of overthrowing God’s kingdom would be advanced while
God’s honor would be tragically diminished. 

4.  Eating from the
tree was a misuse of God’s gift of free will.
God gave us the power to choose so that our love for him could be
genuine.  Choice, and the relationship it
makes possible, was to be an eternal blessing for humans to enjoy.  But using choice to rebel made it necessary
for God to restrict such power to a temporary lifespan.  No one who chooses against God can be allowed
to prevail forever.

5.  Eating from the
tree would affect all humans born in the future.
  When Adam and Eve chose against God, they not
only chose for themselves, but for the entire human race.  Rather than being born in innocence, all
subsequent individuals would enter the world under the dominion of sin.  The seriousness of their sinful choice is
greatly enhanced by the wide circle of people it would hurt or destroy over the
years; in fact, this tragic consequence still plays out today in every sorrow,
every suffering, every pain, and every evil. 
Adam and Eve led our race down a road from which there could be no easy return. 

6.  Eating from the
tree resulted in separation from God.
God wanted a love relationship with human beings.  He was to be their Father God and they were
to be his beloved and privileged people. 
As history has turned out, only some humans have chosen to live under
the authority of God; most have rebelled. Adam’s choice to disobey was a step
away from God that could not be retracted. 
Only through drastic measures of salvation, mercy, and personal
sacrifice would God be able to restore hope to humanity. 

An act that seemed so “insignificant,” a simple choice,
changed history and brought death into a world designed for life; war into a
world designed for peace; pain into a world designed for happiness; futility
into a world designed for purpose; selfishness into a world designed for love.

I wonder if my choices today matter so much.  Something tells me they do.


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