Practice Your Multiplication

O.K., math whiz, see if you can crunch these integers: let’s
imagine that you helped one person get to know God personally this year.  That is, you shared your faith in Jesus and
the person responded by saying, “Yes, I want that too, I’ll become a

That person, excited about his new faith, shares it with
someone else the following year, who then passes it on, and on, and on.  This scenario repeats itself for fifteen
years.  That means that you had an effect
on fourteen people (and their families). 
That’s a fairly significant impact, when you think about eternity.  Those fourteen didn’t just have their lives
changed, they had their eternal destiny changed; they found joy, hope, purpose,
and love! 

Now, sharpen your pencils. What if...

What if, during the second year,
you showed another person how to become a Christian, and that guy you helped
back in Year 1, he also leads a friend to Jesus.  Let’s say that the trend continues – every
person who becomes a new Christian during this fifteen year period starts to
share his faith with one more person each year. 
At the end of Year 15, how many people will have been impacted by your
single decision in Year 1 to start sharing your faith in God?

Jesus said in Matthew 13:31-32, “The Kingdom of Heaven is
like a mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it
becomes the largest of garden plants and grows into a tree where birds can come
and find shelter in its branches.” (NLT)

In other words, God’s kingdom is designed to grow.  God can take the smallest seed and use it to
create a large plant; God can take a single life and use it to change the whole

Is your life multiplying God's kingdom?  Are you having an eternal impact that reaches
farther and wider than anything you might imagine?  It’s possible, you know, and you might not
even be aware of it.

Reading Jesus’ words makes me want to use the small “mustard
seeds” of my life, my resources, and my energy to participate in God’s
multiplying kingdom. I want my time on earth to count for something.  I want to be an agent of change.  Don’t you?

As was demonstrated in the movie, “Pay It Forward,” and more
recently in the book “The Tipping Point,” average people can make a
difference.  Average people can start
trends.  We can start chain reactions of
good things in the world.  How?

1.  Take the focus off
  People who live for themselves
don’t multiply God’s kingdom.  They might
multiply dollars in the bank, or fair-weather friends, but what good is all of
that, really?  Live for something higher
than self.

2.  Take risks to love
and give.
  Genuine love is risky
business.  Excel in it.  It will absorb time, effort, heart, and
money, and sometimes it won’t work out. 
But loving others, even those who don’t deserve it, is a sure path
toward a meaningful life.

3.  Take initiative to
speak up about Jesus.
  Start with your
own family, friends, and work associates. 
Let them know how God's forgiveness and promises have made a
difference in your life.  Never be afraid
to be a witness of what God has done for you.

There are countless ways you can impact the world; then
again, there are countless people in the world that desperately need that
impact.  There are people that need to
know about God’s plan.  And you, as a
follower of Christ, can be a trend-setter.

The time to begin is now. 
The place to start is here.  God
designed you to do great things.  

You do
the math.



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