Fireproof Your Marriage

sports tears and laughter, action and romance.  A little something for everyone, I guess.   And if your marriage could use a little romantic boost - or perhaps a big one - this movie is worth the investment.  Your whole family will laugh, cry, and enjoy the action - and at the end of the film, they'll have a new appreciation for what it means to be a family, to be in love, and to be committed. 

 Unlike the average Hollywood movie, I don't come away wishing a spider bite would grant me superpowers or a fluke alien visitation would soon have me saving the universe – instead I find myself ready to hold my wife’s hand, show a little more love to my kids, and thank God for the wonderful blessings I have.

Check out Fireproof here.   

Also, in the movie, a "Love Dare" is mentioned that transforms the relationship of the characters.  You can take the challenge personally by accepting the Love Dare yourself.


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