Complete the Great Commission

Complete the CommissionJesus left His followers with one primary job - take His Good News to every person on earth.  No small task!  The "Great Commission" challenges us to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to live according to the commands of Christ.

Throughout my life as a Christian, I have heard much of the need for the gospel to be proclaimed in "unreached" parts of the world - those areas that have little or no Christian presence.  As an American, I'm so used to seeing churches and Christian traditions - it is easy to forget that most of the world's population doesn't have access to these things, or at least, not in the way that I do.

Upon returning from a recent trip to India to check out an orphan ministry my church is involved in, and to see a village that we have "adopted' to help with development and poverty, I saw firsthand the need to finish the "Great Commission" and extend the blessings of the gospel to every family on earth. 

Along with some friends, I've started Complete the Commission, and effort to start Christian churches in areas of great need throughout India.  If you are a Christian and interested in playing a strategic role in sharing Jesus' love and truth worldwide, check out the strategy and pray about getting involved.


These two books by K.P. Yohannan have really helped shape my thinking on the Great Commission and the best way to complete it.  I'd recommend them highly.

The Road To Reality: COMING TO JESUS FROM AN UNREAL WORLD     Revolution in World Missions: One Man's Journey to Change a Generation (With Photos & Inserts, October 2009 / Thirty-Fifth Printing)


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