So you've come here to pick on me, eh?

Whether you're here of your own free will or from some misleading link (or you believe in naturalistic determinism and were fated to end up here) - you might as well stick around for a minute.  We might have more in common than you think.

Admittedly, I'm a committed religious guy (not "committed" in the sense that you'd probably recommend to the authorities for people like me) - I mean committed in that I've studied the available options and drawn some conclusions about what the purpose of my life is and that there are spiritual answers for some of life's deepest questions.  This faith has motivated me to pursue a high moral standard, give a considerable portion of my life to serving the needy, and it provides me with some sense of future hope beyond this world.

However, "committed" doesn't mean closed-minded.  I'll happily recalculate my view of "truth" if presented with additional evidence. I think they call that intellectual honesty or something.  And I guess the fact that you're still readingAbsoluteTruth.Net means you're not entirely closed-minded yourself. That's why I'd like to recommend a few areas of the site you'd probably find intriguing - or utterly embarassing, or at least worthy of a pithy comment or two in simplistic rebuttal.

1. If you are an intellectual skeptic - that is, you like to argue the philosophy of religion, etc., you might as well start with the "Absolute Truth" category and go from there.  You'll find plenty to snicker at.

2.  If you are more an emotional skeptic - that is, you have rejected God or Christianity because of some unfair treatment or hurtful things that have been done, I would recommend visiting the "Suffering" and "Making a Difference" areas.

3.  If you are just a general skeptic, and you don't even know why - well, you probably won't click on any link I recommend anyway.  That's just the way you are.  Just visit any category you want.

4.  If you are a seeking skeptic - the sort of person who wants to have faith but still has some serious questions, I hope this site can help.  You might begin with the "Basic Christianity" area and surf from there.  You can always feel free to contact me personally if you've got specific questions.


I did write an article about believing in absolute truth while maintaining an open mind.  That might be of interest to you, too.