Just cruising the web when you ought to be getting something done?  

Yeah, me too.  But don't worry, I won't tell anyone if you won't.  Since you're here, you might as well take AbsoluteTruth.Net for a quick spin.  From afar, it doesn't look quite so obvious as your fantasy football team scoreboard or one of those news site slideshows.  Surfing AbsoluteTruth.Net might even pass for "serious research on important issues facing our (company, family, community, nation, universe)."

Were I in your shoes, looking for a quick-fix of Internet knowledge that might even be worthy of comment, or further surfing, here are three recommended areas of the site to surf:
1.  Creation / Evolution. Get some biased spin on the facts that really amount to strong, faith-based opinions - or, close your science magazine and open this area of AbsoluteTruth.Net.  OK, it's a mite biased as well, but at least you can say you've "thoughtfully approached both sides of the issue" next time water cooler discussion turns toward ape-men or planetary development.  
2.  Life's Purpose.  If you had a clear sense of life's purpose, you wouldn't be watching the hours fly by surfing the net, would you?  Well, maybe.  I guess it depends on what time of day it is and how much you despise your job.  At any rate, this section will likely challenge you to think differently about why you're here and what on earth you're doing.
3.  Ten Commandments.  Reviewing the moral basics of the divine law - why not?  There are far less productive things you could be doing.  See how you fare compared to the standards of perfection.  (Interesting note, my parental control settings block this section of AbsoluteTruth from view, no doubt due to my commentary on Commandment #7.  What is this world coming to?)